Integrated Solutions

Network and telecommunications services frequently account for one of the five largest expenses of most companies, yet effectively managing these critical services is difficult, time consuming and frequently underserved. Adding to the difficulty is the growing competitive pressure on companies to focus their efforts and resources on enhancing core competencies while reducing expenses.

In response to these problems Horizon Electronics has used its expertise to develop a proven suite of integrated network and telecommunications solutions. Each solution is designed to reduce overall expenses, improve management efficiencies and, most importantly, provide a higher level of service for the end user, thereby improving profitability. These solutions can be utilized individually or collectively depending on your company's specific needs.

Integrated Network and Telecommunications Solutions:

Your business will benefit from Horizon Electronics’ professional capabilities and customized services. Our focus is on efficiently solving your network and telecommunications needs quickly utilizing the most cost effective solution while adhering to your operating standards. Our ability to provide consolidated billing, accurate cost allocation, and consistent pricing provides management the ability to reduce expenses and control budgeting while improving performance, end user satisfaction, and management reporting.